The Bonbu Drawings
Peter L. Johnson The Bonbu Drawings
The Bonbu Journals

The Bonbu Drawings
The photo of the the covers of the two Bonbu Journals is all we can allow. The digitizing of the Bonbu Drawings sap them of their essential art energy. You will know why when you hold one in your hands during your visit. The japanese word Bonbu refers to the ignorant, gentle, nasty, compassionate, divine human being we all are. The ongoing Bonbu Journals are and always drawn in public and evolved out of drawing Enzos with a simple three mark drawing practice. There is also an exhibit of larger Bonbu Drawings here in the studio.

You are welcome to get in touch if you want to see and hold the Bonbu Drawings. We encourage you to bring a fellow curious art/water lover or two with you.

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