The Art of Sanctuary
Peter L. Johnson The Art of Sanctuary
A corner of the studio
Peter L. Johnson The Art of Sanctuary
Monarch Feeding on Meadow Blazing Star

The Art of Sanctuary
We practice the art of sanctuary here on the modest grounds of Katherine’s Garden and when we stand on the river’s edge during regular services with the water, eagles, and the earth. Space is offered to Monarch butterflies, art that awakens our essential connection to nature, meadow blazing stars, the restoring of the soil, italian heirloom tomatoes, trauma awareness, the ways of Karuna the dog and to you. 

You are welcome to get in touch to arrange an introductory visit to take part in some form of the art of sanctuary. We encourage you to bring a fellow curious art/water lover or two with you.

There is always the garden to learn from, an exhibit of my work in the studio out back and a cup of garden tea.

Contact the Studio at Katherine’s Garden 
2146 James Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105
Or call Peter at 612 819-1627
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