Teachings and Practices Offered
Peter L. Johnson Teachings and Practices Offered
Immersion Project Process
Peter L. Johnson Teachings and Practices Offered
Art Camp

Teachings and Practices Offered
We offer teachings of art and spiritual practices to awaken and provide sanctuary for our essential, innate, and authentic connection to earth, art, water, all the microbes and others. 

In the studio/garden we offer:
Gradual School…teachings on being an artist, holding the horror and the beauty, and authenticating your voice.
Being Drawing Practice
Triptych Art Essential...practices for developing your artistic vision.
Restorative Ecology Garden Practices...attracting Monarch butterflys, growing heirloom vegetables, and restoring the urban soil.
Photography Studio...Social Documentary Photography, digital darkroom, and fine art printing guidance available.
Simply time to sit with a cup of tea and be by the fire pit.

In the river studio:
We do regular services with the waters, earth, and eagles at mdote (the confluence) of haha wakpa (mississippi river) and mni sota wakpa (minnesota river). These may be offered after your initial time here at Katherine’s Garden. 

You are welcome to get in touch if you want to arrange an introductory visit. We encourage you to bring a fellow curious art/water lover or two with you.
Contact The Studio at Katherine’s Garden 
2146 James Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55105
Or call Peter at 612 819-1627